Welcome to the Instructors of Firearms Safety Association

As a professional non-profit society, the association provides a forum for the following:

  • A regular newsletter to improve communication
  • A trading centre for the exchange of instructional aids
  • A network for the exchange of expertise and advice
  • Regional Conferences to enhance professional skills and to impart our services in a professional manner
  • Professional Insurance Coverage similar to that of Instructors in other Provinces, ensuring that everyone has the adequate coverage
  • A survey system to keep you appraised of average perspectives on costs and performance

When it comes to firearms safety training the expertise of the Instructors of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course is second to none. As a member of the association you can call on other experts to share experience and advice. This is a great resource as you strive to maintain a quality training program. Remember the IOFSA is a non-profit society run by Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructors.


  • Our primary goal is to introduce Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructors to the value of belonging to a professional association. (The IOFSA).
  • Our Association is to compliment the delivery of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course Program in BC/Yukon. (We will compliment the direction of the CFO, the Provincial Program Coordinator and the Federal Program Coordinator.)
  • We would invite Instructors to join an association that asks each member to work within a Code of Ethics.
  • We ask our members to consider participation in an Instructors professional insurance policy. This personal protection is provided
  • We ask our members to participate in regular anonymous surveys to provide pertinent data that is available to the membership. (All data released in generic or percentage terms.)


Opinder Singh

Rick Ekkel
Vice President

Dianne Sutherland
Secretary Treasurer

Bob Monk
Director Cariboo

Shane Mummery
Director Fraser Valley

Opinder Singh
Director Greater Vancouver

George McKnight
Director Thompson

Rick Ekkel
Director Northeastern BC

Grigore Toma
Director Central BC

Sid Nielsen
Director North Vancouver Is.


Brad Wilkins
Director Okanagan
Kathy Martin
Office Manager

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