Instructors of Firearms Safety Association (BC/YT)

Welcome to the Instructors of Firearms Safety Association (BC/YT)

As a Non-Profit society, the association provides a forum for Professional Firearms Instructors (BC/YT).

About Us

Instructors of Firearms Safety Association (BC/YT)

As a professional non-profit society, the association provides a forum for the following:

  • A regular newsletter to improve communication
  • A trading centre for the exchange of instructional aids
  • A network for the exchange of expertise and advice
  • A survey system to keep you appraised of average perspectives on costs and performance

Insurance Coverage

 Insurance Coverage similar to that of Instructors in other Provinces, ensuring that every full member IOFSA firearms Instructer has the adequate coverage.

Regional Conferences

Communication to enhance training skills and share our services with like minded firearms training professionals 


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IOFSA BoD Members

The IOFSA Board Of Directors

Opinder Singh


Eric Beer

Director Communications

Bob Monk

Director Cariboo

Opinder Singh

Director Greater Vancouver

Rick Ekkel

Director Northeastern BC

Sid Nielsen

Director North Vancouver Island

Rick Ekkel

Vice President

Dianne Sutherland

Secretary Treasurer

Paul Sexton

Director Fraser Valley

George McKnight

Director Thompson

Grigore Toma

Director Central BC

Brad Wilkins

Director Okanagan

IOFSA Membership Options

The IOFSA Offers A Full Membership that includes Insurance.

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The IOFSA is here to help firearms instructors  be their best. Have a question? Ask Us!


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Office Manager

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